The Victorian Continence Resource Centre works to promote continence for all Victorians. 1:4 people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds experience loss of bladder and/or bowel control referred to as incontinence. The majority of people do not seek help because of embarrassment, shame or thinking nothing can be done.

Our Vision: Speaking Up for Continence Health
Our Mission: Awareness, Prevention and Treatment

Bladder and Bowel Clinic

The VCRC Continence Assessment Clinic (Continence Solutions 4 U) is Now Open for Business!

Our continence nurses and pelvic floor and continence physiotherapists specialise in helping people who have problems with: Constipation, Faecal Incontinence, Urinary Incontinence, Urinary catheters, Incontinence & related skin care conditions We will work with you to establish

  • Bowel Management Programs
  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Programs
  • Catheter Management Programs
  • Effective continence product solutions

Appointments are necessary – Consultations can be done in our clinic, at your home or virtually – We work with all age groups and conditions – There are no wait lists – We are a fee for service clinic

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Thank you to our Sponsors

In addition to the HACC funding we receive, the CFA Vic Branch Inc has been supported by a number of companies over the past 2 years and we wish to acknowledge them for their sponsorship.


Recent Posts

The 5 Things

Terry Wesselink is our Continence and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist – she adds to our Blogging repertoire:   As a physiotherapist working in pelvic floor health, I am often surprised by how little my patients know about incontinence. Often my patients think I will be shocked by their problem, or that they are simply wasting my time. I often hear phrases like: “I’ve never told anyone but..” ; “My mum says it runs in the family and I just need to get used to it.” ; “I’m too young to have this problem..” ; “Men don’t leak.” So I’d like to share 5 facts you probably didn’t know about bladder and bowel problems: Bladder and bowel problems can affect men and women of all ages. Incontinence is not a normal part of ageing or childbirth. Most people never tell anyone or seek help. Those people who do seek help, wait an average of 7 years. Most people who seek help can be completely cured. Seek help now! There is a good chance you are suffering unnecessarily. I assure you that your problem will not shock me and you are not the youngest or oldest person with this problem. We need to start the conversation today so that everyone can get the help they deserve.... read more

Life is full of Transitions

Life is full of Transitions A few weeks ago my youngest child officially transitioned from childhood – to teenager. Being a December baby his birthday marks the closing of the school year, the beginning of summer holidays and the end of the calendar year. I vividly remember his graduation from day care to school being so concerned that he may not be able to manage the school toilets independently because they were much bigger than he was used to, there were urinals to negotiate and the water taps were so stiff. Reflecting on the milestones he and I have achieved along his developmental journey, Toilet Training was a significant hurdle, requiring patience, persistence and a good dose of humour to help him achieve his independence. Being a Continence Nurse added an extra layer of pressure to the task because I supposedly had all the answers….Right?! Having access to resources and feeling comfortable to ask for assistance could have made this journey less confusing, less lonely and at times less over whelming! One Step at Time – The Expert Toilet Training Guide was compiled and adapted from our very popular One Step at a Time – A Parent’s Guide to Toilet Skills for Children with Special Needs in response to the frequently asked questions we receive from parents who need to toilet train their toddlers in order to be accepted into 3 year old Kinder. There are 3 simple steps to follow Setting the scene for successful toileting habits Developing the skills needed to maximise success Consistent messaging and appropriate rewards So for a purchase price of $9.95 The Expert... read more