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Toilet training is something many parents find difficult. It can take a long time for your child to learn everything about using a toilet.

Take your time. Do not rush. You will feel better about teaching your child.

When Should you start?

When your child is 2 years old ia s good time to start toilet training. Talk to your support worker to help you decide if it is the right time to start toilet training.

Signs your child may be ready to start toilet training are:

  • Your child wants to watch you in the toilet
  • Your child's nappy stays dry for 2 hours
  • Your child does not want to wear a nappy
  • Your child takes his nappy off when she he done wee or poo
  • Your child tells you he is doing wee or poo

You can get help with toilet training. Ask your support worker about toilet training. Use this booklet with help from your support worker.

Check List for Using the toilet - What can your son do?

Step 1: Getting Ready

Step 2: Before Underpants

Step 3: Wee and Poo

Step 4: Wipe Bottom

Where to get Help

Toileting Picture Steps

Easy English Guide to Toilet Training for Boys