Healthy Bladder and Bowel Habits for Women: Menopause and Beyond

Menopause is a time of change in a women's life. One of the changes many women notice is increased difficulty with bladder and bowel control problems. Don't ignore these problems, take action!

The common symptoms

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • Passing urine frequently
  • Rushing to the toilet to pass urine
  • Leaking urine on the way to the toilet
  • Leaking urine with coughing sneezing or exercise
  • Getting up twice or more over night to pass urine
  • Frequent urinary tract infections
  • Rushing to the toilet to open bowels
  • Unable to control wind
  • Constipation

If you answer ‘Yes’ you may have a bladder or bowel control problem.

Don’t ignore your problem, they rarely go away and usually get worse.

Talk to your GP or call National Continence Helpline 1800 33 00 66.

Treatments are available to improve your control.

Download the brochure from the link below

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